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Will give up drinking if India wins, nervous Shastri prays to God for a miracle 

10, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

India’s spineless reply to New Zealand has got team India coach Ravi Shastri praying to God for a miracle. Sources say that the coach was found at a temple close to the stadium where he was seen with folded hands and praying for a win.


A few people at the temple said that Shastri offered to quit drinking if team India made it to semi-finals. “Yes, I did see him at the temple. He looked pretty nervous at the teams performance and while praying to the idol said something about giving up drinks. After praying he also mumbled something that sounded like ‘terms and conditions apply’. And he left immediately after that,” revealed an eyewitness.

A priest at the temple who has been there since last 40 years recognized Shastri immediately but wasn’t too surprised. “He came here during the 83 World Cup finals too. When India were 17 for 5. Said something similar about giving up drinks if India wins. But I don’t think he gave up any of that. When I confronted him he said that the prayer was about giving up drinking tea and coffee, which he apparently has,” said the priest.