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With election ads off air, Delhiites to finally switch radios on again

05, Dec 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: Opinion polls conducted by various channels have shown that with elections in Delhi finally over, most Delhiites planned to switch their radios in cars or at home back on again.

Life back on track.

For a few months, radio channels had been inundated with politicians seeking votes, torturing aural senses with jingles and alternating between tall claims and accusations.

“All the past month has been 30% cut in this and 50% cut in that,” Rani Jhansi, a bored housewife said.

“Radio channels were making so much money from the elections that they would not play songs for a few hours but keep playing Congress, BJP and AAP ads on loop in the afternoons. The irritating ‘Rukegi nahi meri Dilli’ theme is stuck in my head now. I hope in the coming months, radio channels will begin to play music again,” she added further.

“It will be no better yaar,” Pappu Prasad, another Delhiite said. “Now that elections are over, Noida property ads and Honey Singh songs will start again. I would rather listen to the honking of cars around me.”