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Woman claims to have lost 30kgs after accidentally linking her Aadhar number with her weight

13, Dec 2017 By @jurnoleast

Not many are happy with the way Adhaar linking is pushed down their collective throats. One woman however is not complaining at all. As per her claims she lost 30 kgs after linking her Adhaar number with her weight.

Shalini Ahuja, a housewife from Vasant Vihar in Delhi, had been struggling with weight issues for quite some time and said, “In the confusion to get my Adhaar number linked before the deadline, I accidentally linked to my weight and what happened next left me speechless. I know it sounds stupid, but I felt ‘very light’ and when I jumped on the weighing scale I weighed 30 kg less.”

Apparently, Mrs. Ahuja tried every weight loss trick in the book other than healthy diet and regular exercise to get back in shape, but nothing worked till the Adhaar linking happened.

Though the claim has not been verified by any agency, UIDAI officials refused to comment till there was any conclusive evidence to prove that the aforementioned linking led to weight loss.

Women across the country however have already started linking their Adhaar numbers in the hope of shedding the extra kilos.

Congress has termed the entire incident as BJP orchestrated drama to get people to link Adhaar. “This is a Neech and Ghatiya harkat. Rahul Gandhi has not linked his Adhaar but has still managed to lose weight by hopping across temples in Gujarat. BJP should stop this Adhaar obsession and learn something from Rahulji,” said Mani Shankar Aiyar.