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Woman manages to ward off stalker by waving a rakhi at him, hailed on social media for her presence of mind

14, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

25 year old Neha Sharma received widespread appreciation on social media for her presence of mind after she managed to ward off a stalker by waving a rakhi.


On her way back home from work, navigating her way through the dimly lit lanes, Neha could sense that she was being followed. Though she wasn’t a stranger to such situations, her ordeal began after the stalker got too close for comfort.

Recounting her harrowing experience while speaking to our reporter, Neha said, “I was just minutes away from my house when this guy tried to touch me. I immediately reached for the rakhi in my bag which I had just bought for Rakshabandhan. I waved it at him and screamed ‘agar saamne aaya toh rakhi baandhongi‘. The guy was taken aback after seeing the rakhi and was out of sight in no time.”

Cops suspect that the way the stalker took off after seeing the rakhi could provide vital information. “Luckily we got hold of CCTV footage and though it is grainy, we believe the way he took off after seeing the rakhi hints at him being an engineer,” said a cop.

After the news spread on social media, many hailed her as a hero and commented how her presence of mind pulled her out of a terrible situation.

Many young women professionals in the city are now ditching the pepper spray for a rakhi.