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Worst fears of popular personalities

30, Jan 2014 By MRP

Everyone is afraid of something, which they wish to avoid in their lives. Here is a list of worst fears of some popular personalities:

Rahul Gandhi: Actually becoming the Prime Minister and changing the system.

Fear loves everybody

Sonia Gandhi:  Rahul Gandhi facing Arnab Goswami for the second time.

Manmohan Singh: Becoming the Finance Minister under Rahul Gandhi.

Narendra Modi: Having to really make tea.

L K Advani: Upper age limit for politicians.

Arvind Kejriwal:  Somnath Bharti.

Somnath Bharti: Official trip to Uganda.

Kumar Vishwas: Falling sick in Kerala.

Anna Hazare: Lokpal bill being passed and his demands being met.

Vinod Kumar Binny: BJP throwing him out before he joins.

Kiran Bedi: Being recalled to head Delhi Police Department.

Sanjay Jha: Banning of TV debates.

Ravishankar Prasad: Being given time to answer questions on TV debates.

Vinod Mehta:  Being asked to explain his views on TV shows.

Subramanian Swami: Forgetting to dye his hair one day.

Jayalalitha: Karnataka agreeing to release enough water to Tamil Nadu.

Virbhadra Singh: Stashed away 7.5 crore cash containing all pre-2005 notes.

Nandan Nilekani: Having to use Aadhar card for LPG cylinder subsidy.

Chetan Bhagat: Not getting credit for any revolution that may happen in 2020.

Arnab Goswami: nothing…