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Yedyurappa gets 15 days to prove majority in Karnataka, Amit Shah says 15 mins is enough for me to get all MLAs to support BJP 

17, May 2018 By @jurnoleast

Responding to GOvernor’s call for proving majority in 15 days, BJP President Amit Shah said that 15 days are too much and he can do the needful in 15 mins.

Though Mr. Shah did not attend the CM’s swearing in ceremony, he took some time out from his busy schedule and spoke to our reporter. “I think it will be a waste of time if we wait for 15 days. Let me loose and I will get all their MLAs to support BJP.”

When questioned about Congress party taking all their MLAs to a secret location to prevent defection, he said, “Woh log Mars par bhi gaye toh waha se lekar aaonga.

The BJP Presidents latest statement has got the Congress party jittery. Sources say that the party is doing all it can to tide over the 15 day period and limit any kind of exposure to Amit Shah. “The party has realized that hiding them in resort is not going to work anymore. So some of these MLAs are planning to undergo cosmetic surgery. There are also reports that for the next 15 days all shows of the movie Deadpool 2 have been booked by the party as it plans to hide them in theatres,” said a source close to the Congress party.