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Yedyurappa tells BJP top brass to learn nepotism from bollywood after his son fails to get ticket for assembly polls

24, Apr 2018 By @jurnoleast

Miffed at his son being denied ticket, BS Yedyurappa lashed out at the BJP top brass and asked them to learn nepotism from bollywood. It was expected that Yedyurappa’s son would get a ticket to contest from Varuna assembly segement in Mysuru. In a shocking development that did not happen, which left supporters and Mr. Yedyurappa angry at the way things turned out.

While speaking to reporters he said, “I urge Mr. Amit Shah to learn something from the film industry. Star kids have the first right over everything. Similarly kids of politicians should be given priority over other candidates. Had Karan Johar been in BJP instead of Amit Shah, things would have been different for my son.”

Supporters who had earlier been on rampage protesting the denial of ticket, we now asking for Karan Johar to join BJP.

Karan himself was unaware of the entire ticket-denial issue and said that he was being unnecessarily dragged into it.