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Yogendra Yadav tries Street Luge to deal with odd-even rule

04, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: The first working day of the odd-even rule saw a contrast. While roads were free form traffic, public transport looked unable to cater to the deluge of office goers. The luckier ones could manage to reach their destination with the help of car-pooling, many were looking for some jugaad to tide the crisis.

Yogendra Yadavs jugaad to deal with odd-even rule
Yogendra Yadavs jugaad to deal with odd-even rule

Yogendra Yadav, ex-AAP member and founder of Swarajya Abhiyaan, managed to get a workaround to deal with the odd-even situationin Delhi. Sources close to the politician say that the leader chose to ‘Street Luge’ his way to work.

“Yes its true, Yogendraji has an even numbered car and looking at the crowded public transport, it was impossible to reach work on time. So he decided to take matters in his own hands and started his commute on luge. In fact I just received a call from his some time back, saying that he has reached office in a record 10 mins which on regular days took 45 mins,” said a source close to Yogendra Yadav.

Mr. Yadav himself tweeted about his pleasant experience, but refused to give credit to Arvind Kejriwal