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Youth found asking about Goa elections hoping for a Mumbai-Goa bullet train launch by PM Modi

14, Sep 2017 By @jurnoleast

‘Kab hai election, election kab hai’ were the words that echoed in a group of 20 something college students from Mumbai. All of them were desperate to know the when the next major elections in Goa would be held. Hoping for a Mumbai-Goa bullet train launch by the PM, similar to the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train.

PM Modi’s launch of the first bullet train in India has raised the hopes of all those who look for a quick getaway to Goa. Statistics reveal that around 70% of group trips to Goa are cancelled due to someone backing out at the last moment.

This number will be probably come down to just 10% after the introduction of bullet train on this route. “The Mumbai-Goa train will have many benefits for people the city. Even if there are no elections, I feel the Govt. should go ahead with this project,” said a media analyst.

Many youngsters from the city liked the idea travel time to Goa being reduced to 2 hrs thanks to the bullet train. Social media was flooded with questions on when the next elections in Goa would be held.

Some even wanted ‘flash elections’ in the paradise state even if they are not required at the moment. “If elections are the prerequisite for the Govt to improve the infrastructure, then lets have them round the year,” said Saish Raikar, an MBA student from Goa.