52-year old wins The Annual Whatsapp Competition; had sent a record 45 Good Morning messages in one minute

05, Dec 2017 By Akash Vadera

Every year, the Whatsapp Forwards Association of India organizes an annual Whatsapp Competition, in which participants are called from various parts of the country.

The competition goes on for 2 days during which participants showcase various skills such as sending lighting fast personal messages and group messages, creating groups, forwarding maximum fake news, etc.

Similar was the case this year when the annual competition was held in Mumbai. This year’s competition was won by 52-year old Mumbai based Ramesh Mishra, with him creating a new record of sending 45 Good Morning messages in one minute.

We interviewed Mr. Mishra after his win and here’s what a delighted Ramesh had to say. “I am very thankful to my kids and all my relatives because of whom this win has been possible. They have been the elements of my net practice for today’s final match. I was preparing for this competition for the last 6 months. I used to send Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night messages to each of the 37 people in my contact list, each day. Then one day I sent Suraj, my son, a Whatsapp forward that showed how to increase height to 6 feet by eating home-made spices,” said Mr. Mishra

“He identified the news was fake and that how dedicated I was for the competition. He then took the practice to the next level. Each day, I was made to create and forward three news that were fake. I started mastering the art, in fact one day our neighbor Mr. Sharma was dancing on our terrace wearing polka dot underwear, because my fake forward told him to do so if he wanted to turn his Whatsapp to Blue Whatsapp,” he added.

“If you had asked me 6 months ago that whether I could send 45 messages in one minute, I would have laughed at you and sent you a home-made recipe to cure mental illness, on Whatsapp. It is because of my sheer dedication, practice and the support of my family members as well as some relatives (and ex-relatives; some broke the relation due to overload of messages and fake news) that I have been able to win this competition. I hope to defend the title successfully next year and also plan to take part in the Hike competition later next year. I am hoping it would be easy as only 13 out of the total 15 users of Hike are taking part in it,” Mr. Mishra concluded.

We congratulate Mr. Mishra on his stupendous win and wish him all the best for further competitions.