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Modi asks Facebook to modify news feed for Indians to suggest "achchhe din" are here

03, Jul 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Soon after coming to know about Facebook’s secret psychological experiment, in which they found that showing overwhelmingly positive or negative posts into members’ news feed affect their mood accordingly, Modi government has approached the social networking giant to show only those posts to Indians that suggest “achchhe din” and induces them into positive mood.

“I can make you happy or sad”

Although there is no official announcement regarding the news, government sources tell Faking News that last night Prime Minister Narendra Modi called up Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to discuss the issue.

“Modi ji is very impressed with findings of Facebook’s experiment, and he sees great value in it. In his half an hour call to Zuckerberg, Modi first explained to him the models of development that Facebook could employ, and then asked the Facebook co-founder to help him realize his dreams of achchhe din for Indians,” a PMO official confirmed.

As part of his achchhe din plan, Modi government is planning to bring back the “feel good” factor that Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government had created. And for this, Modi has sought help of Zuckerberg.

“Prime Minister has requested Zuckerberg to avoid showing inflation related news and other such negative posts into an Indian users’ news feed, because as per ‘Emotional Contagion’ experiment findings, that will consequently result into negative mood and thus no ‘feel good’ factor,” the PMO official explained.

Sources say that Modi government, which is facing bad press for recent hike in train fares and fuel prices, wants to bring down public anger by using indirect ways.

“A large part of population, which makes the loudest noises about governance issues, is quite active on social networks, and they spend a considerable amount of time on Facebook. If they are continuously exposed to positive news and posts, such as news reports about stronger rupee, rising SENSEX, cute puppies, and Bollywood gossips, it will certainly make them less cynical and they will stop criticizing the government,” explained famous psychologist Dr Manovigyani Batra.

Latest reports suggest that Zuckerberg is analyzing Modi’s proposal and discussing it with his market research team to know how beneficial it will be to have people always happy while visiting Facebook.

“A small experiment about this achchhe din posts could be carried out. We will see whether a user is more vulnerable to click on an advertisement in a positive or negative state of mind,” a Facebook source told Faking News, “If the result says positive, then Zuck may accept Modi’s offer.”

Meanwhile after this story was broken by Faking News, Congress has blamed Facebook for conspiring to create a negative wave against them, which played a major role in their election debacle.

“It is not the fault of Rahul Gandhi,” Congress leader Kapil Sibal claimed, “It appears that Facebook had experimented on whole of India and had shown only negative news during 2012 and 2013 as part of their ‘Emotional Contagion’ experiment, resulting in negative mood among voters.”