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After Indian flag as DP, netizens now planning to put Kashmir's image as profile pic to get it back

17, Aug 2014 By johnrj

Bangalore. After a sensational display by netizens to change their profile pictures to the Indian flag to show unity and patriotism during the Independence week, the next plan is to change it to an image of Kashmir to get it back under total control.

“Everybody knew that we all stood as one and became patriotic on August 15th by changing our profile pictures to the Indian flag. Now we are going to get Kashmir permanently back to India through our profile pictures,” said Arpit a huge Facebook addict. “People think we just sit in front of our computers and do nothing but we do this. We unite as a whole and do something when it matters!”

Brace yourself for such DPs.
Brace yourself for such DPs.

Netizens have already started sending online petition to get Kashmir back and are planning to send it to the Prime Minister.

“We have already received lakhs of votes and I am sure once we cross crores, we are in a prime position to get Kashmir back,” said Ankit, the initiator of the petition. “This is the true power of the people and we are going to prove that we can do it.”

Netizens were initially enraged when they got news that their profile pictures cannot have the Indian flag but as it was found out that it’s not illegal, they celebrated it as a victory.

“This shows that people power can do anything! We will definitely win Kashmir back as a nation. Pakistan will get truly intimidated by these numbers in Facebook,” another netizen claimed.

In retaliation to the profile picture changes to Kashmir, netizens from Pakistan have started changing their profile pictures to Vada Pavs.

“We know how much Indians love Vada Pavs. Now let’s see how they will survive when we claim it as ours,” threatened an angry Pakistani netizen who has sacrificed Non-Veg for his country’s pride.