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After Twitter introduces 'Like' option, Mumbai girl floods the site with hundreds of her photos to get Likes

04, Nov 2015 By manithan

San Francisco: The microblogging site Twitter has made a radical change in its User Interface and has replaced the earlier ‘favorites’ button with ‘Like’, in addition to, changing its shape from star to heart.

Mahima on cloud nine after seeing so many Likes for her selfies on Twitter.
Mahima on cloud nine after seeing so many Likes for her selfies on Twitter.

Within few hours, Twitter was flooded with pictures. There were photos of girls and boys, men and women, ranging from bathroom selfies to group selfies.

“This is something very peculiar, because Twitter was never used to receive so many photos like Facebook or Instagram”, commented an Internet expert, “The frequency of photos being uploaded to Twitter has peaked ever since the Favorite button changed to Like.”

Even the official handle of Twitter appealed its users to go slow on uploading photos, “Guys and Girls! Go slow on uploading photos, especially the duck faced selfies. Our servers aren’t tolerating that,” tweeted the Product Manager of Twitter. But, stats show that there is no full stop to upload of photos.

While Twitter and several Internet researchers are scratching their heads on this issue, we tried to figure out in our own way. We contacted Mahima from Mumbai, who had uploaded 1,345 photos to her Twitter timeline in the last one hour.

“Well, that is my choice. To upload or to not upload photos in Twitter,” was her retort when we asked her the reason for flooding the site with her selfies.

We waited for her rough mood to lessen, until she herself gave us a way to make her happy, “Like them all. I will give you an hour.” When we raised our eyebrows, she said in a teasing tone, “I am giving twice the time as I gave to my boyfriend.”

After liking all her pics, we came back to her and she continued, “Good boys! When Facebook was growing famous in India during the year 2011, I joined it as a school student. Initially, hesitant and shy, I had Aishwarya Rai or Kareena Kapoor as profile pic. Once I entered second year of college, I got introduced into the world of Likes. All of my girls were gushing about the number of likes they used to receive for their profile pictures. So, I took a hot pic of mine from my bathroom and uploaded it. I managed to receive 419 likes. ‘Not bad’ I felt.”

Suddenly, she lowered her voice and said, “But, nowadays, not much of my friends like my photos. Many of them are not using Facebook much. I can add those pesky guys sending me friend request so that they will be religiously liking each of my pics, but they end up torturing me in my inbox. That is a high risk. I went into depression when my recent profile pic gathered only 21 likes. When I wondered where all have gone, I realized Twitter has become their new Facebook, where they can put private pics in Direct Messages and seduce ladies.”

“When I signed up for Twitter, it was pretty much confusing. Also, I could not find a Like button. So, I stopped being online for the past few days, when I managed to read this online news that Twitter has introduced Likes. I immediately logged into Twitter via my mobile and started uploading all my pics. Twitter has a larger reach, no torture of friends and not all can message me their dick pics. And now with Likes and no privacy settings, I will be getting some 1000 or 2000 likes. I will soon be the Twitter queen,” laughed Mahima.

All the while Mahima was talking to us, she had uploaded further 1200 pics and she threatened us to like them all.