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Along with 'heart', twitter to have 'ink botttle' and 'U-turn' to help users express themselves

04, Nov 2015 By @jurnoleast

San Francisco: In an attempt to bring some cosmetic changes to the user interface and help users express themselves; Twitter plans to introduce two more options.

Now more options for twitter users to express themselves
Now more options for twitter users to express themselves with ‘ink bottle’ and ‘U turn’

Speaking to Faking News, Aarakshan Kumar, a Product Manager at Twitter said, “A lot of things at Twitter have changed since inception. The way users interact has also undergone drastic transformation. Retweets and stars are now passé. With twitter fights, bitching, intolerance and retracted statements, especially by Indian politicians, we thought it would be apt to provide ‘ink bottle’ and ‘u-turn’ option to our users.”

“This feature will be implemented on a Pilot basis in India first and then we will launch it globally,” he added.

When asked about how the idea to introduce these new features came about, he said, “I have been keeping up with the current affairs in India and have watched protests by Shiv-Sainiks against Sudheendra Kulkarni. That’s when I got the idea of ‘ink bottle’ for those tweets that you don’t like.”

“Many politicians in India make statement which they later retract or blame it on their nephew, so we are introducing a ‘u turn’ option for users to single out such tweets,” he said even as news of a politician going back on his tweet was flashed across news channel.

Shiv Sainiks were happy with the news that their deeds have finally managed to inspire someone. “We have already felicitated our sainiks who threw ink, but after this news about twitter we are planning to give them another award, which hopefully they won’t return,” said Sanjay Raut as he tried hard to keep a straight face.

Meanwhile, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has said that it was a conspiracy by BJP to introduce ‘u turn’ feature. “I am not surprised that now they have stooped to this level. Now every tweet of mine will be marked with a ‘u turn’. We are planning to sit on a dharna against this new feature,” he said as he checked the calendar to see when the party last went on a dharna.