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Ashutosh creates world record for typos, defeats Shahid Kapoor in a Twitter typo contest

14, Mar 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. In a tightly fought contest held last evening to find India’s no 1 typo master, Ashutosh from AAP has emerged as the winner by creating world record for most number of typos ever in the history of twitter.

The contest drew participants from across India, mainly people who are hyperactive on Orkut and WhatsApp. But in the end it all boiled to a contest between two stalwarts of typos in the country, Ashutosh and Shahid Kapoor who reached the finals defeating others comfortably.

Both enamored all aspiring typo makers watching the contest with their skill and creativity.

Having already confused many twitter users, with his excellent zero command over English spellings, Ashutosh looked all charged up and confident to take on just about anybody. The odds were already favoring him with many referring to Shahid as a minnow in front of him.

“This man is pure genius, a god gift to English slayers. He is Rajinikanth of typos. This man has it in him to create typos more than the 140 character limit twitter has,” said the organizer of the contest.

While the counting is still on for the number of Typos made, experts say the number is so overwhelming that ECI has been approached for help what with their experience of counting crores of votes in every Lok Sabha election.

Meanwhile AAP leaders are very proud of Ashutosh for giving an alternative language of communication to Indians. They always felt oxford English was way too VIP and a different and aam language was needed for aam aadmi of this country.

“That’s why I never rebuked him or corrected his typos. He has revolutionized the way English is spoken and made it very Indianized. He has ‘high jacked‘ their imagination,” chuckled Arvind Kejriwal.

Here’s the conversation that took place:

Shahid just could not match Ashutosh's prowess.
Shahid just could not match Ashutosh’s prowess.