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Ayodhya case still being fought on Twitter and Facebook

30, Sep 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Even though the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court pronounced its judgment in the disputed Ram Janmbhoomi Babri Masjid case today, sources inform that the same case is still being fiercely debated in virtual courts on Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and other known and unknown blogs/websites across the world, with all the parties claiming their respective victories just a few words away.

The litigants in these cases have refused to give any importance to the High Court verdict, which they though was “incomplete and illogical”, as well as the decision of the Sunni Waqf Board to appeal in the Supreme Court, and have expressed confidence that they’d soon settle the issue forever on the internet, which would be acceptable and binding on all, especially on their rivals.

“Just a few minutes more and I can get this porki eat his words,” said a verbally confident AmIt ॐ kUmAr, an internet lawyer and Orkut warrior defending the rights of Hindus to build a temple in Ayodhya, who was engaged in an “animated” debate with ~>ZakirNaikRox YaALLAH< ~ on “India” community of Orkut. [caption id="attachment_4627" align="alignright" width="228" caption="An internet warrior is seen here, defending his people’s rights"]Internet Warrior[/caption] According to trusted sources, the internet world was abuzz with thousands, or maybe millions, of such couples and groups of lawyers and warriors, who were determined to take the fight to a “logical” conclusion.

“It’s understandable,” says internet psychologist Satyen Sinha, “Ayodhya case took 60 years to reach this stage and the case would again be debated in the Supreme Court now, whereas most of these internet courts are not even 10 years old, and only so much old is the debate there.”

“I guess this internet battle will go on for another fifty years or so,” he added.

But the warriors disagree.

“I can already smell victory in air no matter what these guys could be claiming,” says @sexular on Twitter, who has been keeping an eye over each tweet containing the term “Ayodhya” and replying to each comment he found contrary to his beliefs and assumptions. Since “Ayodhya” had been trending on Twitter since morning today, he needed just a click to deliver what he calls as “deadly blows” to people from “the other side”.

@sexular had already replied to over 300 users with logically crafted and detailed arguments such as “STFU”, “very soon you’d know”, “Oh really?”, “LOL! Low lives you guys are”, etc. and had successfully blocked around 50 users; all adding to his strong belief and confidence that victory was coming his way for which he had even skipped his lunch earlier today.

Independent observers claim that the fight between the various groups was “delicately poised” and nothing could be said about the final outcome yet.

“An estimated 3000 new user profiles on Facebook, Orkut and Twitter was created primarily for this purpose since morning,” informs an observer Kabir Kant, “new pages, communities and groups like ‘we want all the parts’ are also coming up at a rapid rate. This battle is going to continue for now as still nobody is sure who owns the land. In fact new claimants would come up now as the High Court has partitioned the land into three parts whereas there were only two original claimants of the land.”

Administrators from the social networking websites refused to comment over the issue although many politicians offered to comment, but Faking News refused.