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Baby's picture on Facebook receives "Vote For AAP" comment

28, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. The fight for forthcoming elections in Delhi is getting more and more social by the day.

Taking endorsement of favorite political party by their supporters to a new level, a couple were shocked to receive a comment asking them to vote for AAP on the pic of their baby that they uploaded on Facebook.

“We were so happy to have broken our previous record of receiving first notification within 2.75 seconds of posting a photo,” the couple recalled the events of last night.

How AAP supporters operate on Facebook!
Just another minute in social life of Kraantikari Bhagat

Excited, the couple opened the notification, only to find a comment “#VoteforUnity #VoteforAAP #KejriwalFirSe” on the pic by a certain Kraantikari Bhagat, 24 years old BA student in Lovely Professional University.

“What’s more? He didn’t stop at that. He went on a commenting spree and posted numerous photo comments such as “Mufflerman returns”, “Modi for PM, Kejriwal for CM”, etc until I blocked him,” 30 years old mother disclosed.

The mother who had deliberately kept the pic public so as to make the pic viral and let even strangers appreciate cuteness of her baby, was however in for a rude shock as the pic went viral not for the baby, but with many BJP supporters posting counter comments.

“In the process, many had forgotten it was all happening on a baby’s photo,” the father pointed, “I mean how the hell is a 11 month old baby supposed to vote?” he screamed as he reported Kraantikari Bhagat, for abuse.

Unable to control the flurry of comments, the mother eventually decided to remove baby’s pic.

Faking News spoke to Krantikaari, who confirmed the incident and claimed that he had to resort to such beahviour as his own status/posts were not receiving any acknowledgment post Feb 14’ 2014.

“Since nobody pays any attention to my posts, I took this route of letting my thoughts known on timeline of people whose posts receive maximum likes and comments on Facebook,” he explained his modus operandi.

Meanwhile Krantikaari is now preparing a post stating how an aam commentators on Facebook gets reported for abuse for voicing his opinion and how Facebook is slowly turning into a medium for elite class.

“I am looking for someone to upload their DSLR captured holiday pics to unleash it,” he revealed.