Bangalore googled for code solutions even more than 'Sunny Leone' : Report

19, Dec 2013 By idiot420

Bangalore. Year End Google Zeitgeist for the year 2013 has reveled that Bangaloreans searched for code solutions even more than rest of nation’s hot favorite – Sunny Leone.

Too hot to resist.

Search pattern trend has once again reinforced Bangalore’s claim of being India’s silicon valley in true sense.

But Google’s revelation is not going down well with Bangaloreans, especially with non IT crowd, as many of them are seeing it as a kind of shame.

“It’s a big blow to Bangalore, and it all happened because of those software engineers. We do normal searches like normal people. Sunny Leone, Deepika Padukone boyfriends, Salman virginity, when is Abhishek Bachhan retiring, full form of Subramanian Swamy’s abbreviation is what we prefer to search, there is nothing wrong with us,” said Anurag, who works with an advertisement company.

However, engineer community is divided over the matter, while right wingers are celebrating the feat, liberal coders are blaming themselves for bringing embarrassment to the city.

“I try to maintain work life balance by searching for hot pics when I return to home, but appears extensive Google search for code solutions during work surpassed my hunger for hot pics,” confessed Jivesh Sharma, a javascript junkie, who as per his twitter bio spends 16 hours of his day on

Experts say, spending too much time in office is also one of the prime cause of this disastrous and unnatural trend.

“With developers relying so much on Google search for completing their work, this was bound to happen. Too much work pressure is slowly mutating their internal desires, it’s one the side effects of modern work culture,” explained Dharmesh Dharmatma, a management guru.

Even offshore clients sitting in Europe and US are confused after studying Google’s trend. “They are unable to figure out, whether the engineers who are handling their projects are too devoted to work, or they are so noob that they have to Google for almost every thing,” disclosed an industry insider.

Reportedly, a group of rebel engineers have vowed to drive back their community to the good old days, when they used to care about hot pics more than hot tech trends.

“We will be visiting IT offices and remind professionals of their glorious engineering college past. I am hopeful that it will surely motivate the sleeping tigers,” said Vidrohi Singh, leader of the rebel group.

Meanwhile, IT companies are fearing that, Google search report may hamper their hiring process and result in higher attrition rate.

“It creates negative image of the city, so, no matter how good is climate of city, nobody will want to join our Bangalore office. We are thinking of relaxing our office rules, like unblocking social media sites, TOI and other fun to visit sites. May be few Sunny Leone posters here and there in campus too,” told HR head of a tech giant.