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Citizens want to file Income Tax returns using Twitter and Facebook

11, Aug 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After government announced its intentions to read the Twitter and Facebook posts of all the citizens that was deemed as invasion of privacy by many, a group of citizens have come up with a “compromise formula” where citizens would allow the government to read their posts if these social networking sites were converted into official channels of communication with the government agencies like the Income Tax department.

These citizens have offered a “deal” to the government where they would not protest against the proposed “cyber monitoring” if the government allowed them to file Income Tax returns using Facebook status updates or twitter tweets.

“Let them read all our tweets and Facebook updates. I won’t even mind if they comment on my Facebook picture with ‘LOL! Loser!’ till they allow me to file ITRs, reply to census questionnaire, or give my photo-ID for various cards using Twitter or Facebook,” Raj Prakash, one of the citizens pioneering the movement told Faking News.

The website looks nothing like Twitter!
Income Tax department has a website that allows IT return filing, but citizens complain that it looks nothing like Facebook or Twitter.

Raj, who hates to come out of his room and has made his employer arrange for a workstation there itself, is planning to launch a mass agitation from within his room to force the government into accepting these demands.

“Government departments should have active social networking presence. For example, Income Tax department should have a twitter ID and start following all of us young Indians. We would declare our earnings through tweets or DMs. The department can then analyze and archive the data and tweet or DM us back the tax liability,” Raj explained how he viewed the online relationship between the Government and common citizens.

“If that sounds too cumbersome, the department could have a Facebook page where we would put the required information regarding our earnings, savings etc. on the wall, and we’ll even calculate the tax liability ourselves! We can even upload scanned documents on their wall if those lazy fellows need any documental proofs,” Raj revealed the proposed action plan.

“If they agree upon doing these things, well, they can go ahead and read all my protected tweets and Facebook updates,” he added.

When Faking News tried to get the government reaction by taking to an Income Tax officer, we were told, “Social networking? What’s that? We deal in taxes; maybe you should contact the Ministry of Social Justice.”

Meanwhile in an unrelated development, a Facebook group called “Support Anna Hazare” was deleted yesterday for violating terms of use, sources say.