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Consortium of Swiss banks support the tagline #Won’tGiveItBack

01, Mar 2015 By RT

Geneva. A consortium of Swiss banks, today announced that the group supports #Won’tGiveItBack. The news went viral in the national newspapers, television and social media across the world.

Faking News reporter, who is currently holidaying in Switzerland, gives details of the first-hand reports here.

“We won’t give it back”

With the ICC World Cup trending in many parts of the world, the tagline #Won’tGiveItBack had reached every nooks and corner. Incidentally, a Swiss bank board room found the tagline to be very interesting. Immediately, a few more akin banks were contacted and a consortium was formed. The tagline of the consortium will be #Won’tGiveItBack.

Faking News correspondent managed to speak with the newly anointed spokesperson of the group. What he couldn’t manage was the number of bouncers thrown at him; more than what could possibly be bowled in the entire world cup matches put together.

The first bouncer was, of course, the tagline is not about cricket. It is about ‘Swiss banks won’t give back’ the money to any state, black, white or brown. Also, the next one about #Won’tGiveItBack, the list of account holders.

“From the land of most idiotic taglines and advertisements, when a new one #Won’tGiveItBack trends viral, we want to put the opportunity to maximum use and announce to the entire world in general and to India in particular, that we #Won’tGiveItBack. What is funny is that an entire nation is going behind #Won’tGiveItBack, which is not rightfully theirs (or) at least which is not rightfully theirs yet, barring a miracle in the similar altitude of an Indian winning this year’s Wimbledon Championships in singles,” said the spokesperson.

“What we are saying is #Won’tGiveItBack, which is rightfully ours since decades. It is also ironic that a few political parties in India make electoral promises regarding black money, without consulting us. Our simple answer to them is #Won’tGiveItBack. It is entirely none of our business; but in the interest of greater democracy, we would hope that Indian voters will use the tagline #Won’tGiveItBack, with reference to their votes to these political parties, next time around.”

“Finally, just want to say, with tagline #Won’tGiveItBack for ICC world cup, the rest of the world, and a few sections of Indian society, are laughing at it. When we say it loud and clear, we are laughing out loud at the rest of the world. Take care world! We #Won’tGiveItBack!” he concluded.