Cool dude accidentally visits Siddhivinayak temple for the first time while searching for Pokemons, mother gets emotional

17, Jul 2016 By dtrancemaniac

Mumbai: Ashwin, a cool dude living in South Mumbai shocked his family today when they spotted him inside the Siddhivinayak temple. This is the first time that Ashwin has visited a temple in a decade and this was made possible due to the Pokemon hunt Ashwin was on.

The legendary Regirock

“This city is filled with Pidgeys and Doduos so it is not a problem if you miss any of them. But one day, while I was on my way to a friend’s place in Dadar, I spotted the legendary Pokemon – REGIROCK! Immediately, I asked the cabbie to stop and I rushed towards the spot despite the heavy rain”, Ashwin told our FN reporter.

“Once I reached the place, I realised that there is some temple there and I must go in to get Regirock. For a second I thought about skipping it as you know, it is very uncool to visit temples. This is a place for old people or total uncool folks, how can I risk my reputation by entering one. But then, I put min over matter and entered inside. There, I managed to successfully catch the desired Pokemon despite the crowds”, Ashwin added. .

Ashwin’s mother is a very religious person and had always wanted Ashwin to visit the temple. But her son’s impiousness and atheistic nature had always let her down. “Thank you Pokemons, for my son at least paid a visit to the temple. May God bless this company,” she said in an emotional tone.

Now she aims to convince her son to visit Mount Kailash in search of another legendary Pokemon – REGICE.

As the news of REGIROCK spread, there were thousands of Pokemon trainers visiting Siddhivinayak Temple for the first time, but all of them were put off by the usual Pidgeys and Doduos.