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Couple decide to have a 3rd child after first 2 fail to get enough likes on Facebook

09, Jun 2014 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. Pitampura based couple Saurabh Jain and Anshika Jain have decided to go for a 3rd child after they were disappointed with the number of likes their 2 existing children get on Facebook.

As per a close friend of the couple, they have uploaded around 50 photos of their children – one a 2 years old son and another a 5 years old old daughter – but neither of them managed to cross 10 likes on any of the pictures, whether posted on timeline or after being made the profile photo by the couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Jain had earlier thought that they will stick to “Hum Do, Humaare Do” but now they have decided to “Just Do It” in search of a more photogenic baby who can get them their Facebook likes.

Facebook baby
Jains were jealous when this picture of their neighbor’s baby got more than 50 likes within a day

When we contacted Saurabh to check the authenticity of this news, he told Faking News, “Yes yaar, we thought about it a lot and decided to for a 3rd child. All the time on Facebook we see pics of kids getting 100s of likes and when we upload pics of our children, somehow everyone forgets to like them. I even complained to Facebook, but no one responded. So we thought maybe the problem lies in our kids.”

“It gives you a bit of an inferiority complex when everyone else’s kids are doing better than yours in likes department,” Saurabh shared his grief.

Anshika, who was also present there, added, “You know, I even added dozens of random ‘Hey wanna do fraandship’ requests but those guys too like pics where I am alone. They ignore every pic where my husband or children are there. I wonder why! Anyway, now that strategy hasn’t worked so we just have to come up with more children. Maybe our luck will change with our next child.”

Saurabh and Anshika also hired a grooming consultant for their children to make their personalities more attractive and their photos more likable, but even that didn’t work.

“Grooming consultant was such a waste of money. Then we thought about getting a portfolio done by a professional photographer, but the amount he mentioned as fees, we can afford to raise another kid in that amount!” Anshika explained why they thought a third child was the best option.

When asked if they will go for a 4th child if the pics of the 3rd child too failed to get them their desired number of likes, the couple conceded that they had not thought about that yet.

“See, we don’t want to be pessimistic at this point of time. We remain positive and ambitious. We will get to the ‘100 Likes Club’ on Facebook we are sure,” Saurabh said.

Sources say that only yesterday Saurabh had liked and shared a Facebook post that claimed that if parents were happy during pregnancy, kids turned out to be very beautiful.