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Couple re-united after Judge orders to split Facebook Likes as part of divorce settlement

14, Jul 2015 By Harsh

Mumbai. Ravi(35) and Shalini(33) are fighting a bitter legal battle over their divorce.They have been married for last 6 years and filed for divorce a year back.They met each other on Orkut through a common friend. According to close friends, they were deeply in love when they got married amidst protests from parents.

Splitting Facebook Likes and Comments is more painful than putting up with an incompatible partner
Splitting Facebook Likes and Comments is more painful than putting up with an incompatible partner.

Ravi used to share his Facebook and Gmail password with Shalini as agreed in their marital vows.They traveled together to various places across the world. Their pictures of travel to Europe and US collected significant amount of Likes and envies among friends and family.

However, things started going downhill when the IT company where Ravi used to work started denying spouse travel on assignments. Shalini was against Ravi going abroad alone.Whereas for Ravi it was important for his career, as he was making his way to becoming the Project Manager.

Physical distance translated into emotional turmoil and they found themselves too far from each other.Whenever they were together they used to check  Facebook to find out how other couples were doing? The couple was unhappy with the fact that their friends were living a happy married life whereas their own was in a bad shape. Ultimately they decided to separate and filed for divorce in local civil court.

The divorce proceedings were on track until the matter of Facebook Likes are brought to the notice of the judge. Shalini demanded, since Ravi’s Facebook account had lot of her pics and there are more likes in them, she is entitled to retain half of all Like and Comments. Judge after listening to both sides decided that changing society requires changing rules and Facebook Likes is as much important in life as money and other inheritance.

Considering these facts the Judge granted them divorce, on condition that they have to split their Likes and Comments on Facebook equally between themselves.

After going through the judgment for a week the couple found that they were not in a position to lose any of their hard earned Facebook Likes and Comments. They decided that reconciliation was better than the split and have decided to remain together and withdrew their divorce petition from the court.