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Couples who will be married off forcefully on Valentine's day will not be allowed to post pics on Facebook

07, Feb 2015 By Pavan

Agra. In a shocking blow to the couples who were planning to celebrate Valentine’s day with a grand ceremony by marrying off freely in presence of the Hindu Mahasabha were in for an utter shock when the organization disallowed posting any wedding pics on Facebook.

Hindu Mahasabha president Chandra Prakash Kaushik made the official statement this morning and released a diktat stating that all the couples who will be married off forcefully on Valentine’s Day will not be allowed to post any of the wedding pics on the social networking site.

Not married until allowed to post pics on FB.
Not married until allowed to post pics on FB.

When Faking News got in touch with him he replied, “This is a very unique idea that we have come across where we want the forcefully married couples to concentrate on their future rather than wasting time posting pics on Facebook.”

When reporter counter questioned him on how the couples’ future will be affected if they post wedding pics on Facebook, he responded in a rather harsh tone, “Your young generation is behind this addiction to social networking sites. When they post hundreds of their wedding pics on Facebook from their individual profiles, then husband will tag his wife in the pic and wife will tag her husband in the pic from their respective profiles. This will be followed by comments and likes on the pics that will go on till their first marriage anniversary.”

“Both husband and wife will get busy replying to every congratulatory comment. If they get busy doing these kind of activities then how can they produce four to ten kids? Who will fulfil Sakshi Maharaj’s dream? When will they have kids if they are busy doing these kinds of silly stuff?” he asked our reporter.

“So, we will not allow them to ruin their future,” he declared.

While it is unsure whether the diktat is for the couples who will be caught on the Valentine’s Day and married off or for the couples who are actually getting married on Valentine’s Day. Seeing this diktat of not posting pics on Facebook, one couple, Raj and Simran, whose marriage (arranged) was fixed on February 14th has been postponed to November 14th.

PS: Article inspired from this tweet.