Criminal who tried to escape from police van said he was actually trying the KiKi challenge

03, Aug 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: KiKi Challenge or InMyFeelings Challenge? Heard about it? If you’ve not been living under rocks for past few months, you know about this ongoing social media challenge we fondly know as KiKi challenge or InMyFeelings Challenge. On social media websites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, videos with hashtags #KiKiChallenge or #InMyFeelingsChallenge are going viral. In the video, you can see some crazy people jumping out of their moving cars and dancing on Drake’s In My Feelings song while the car is moving. But some people are using it as an excuse after being caught in some act.


Shwetank Malik, a criminal the Mumbai police had an eye on finally got arrested yesterday. But that was not a big news compared to the news that he tried to escape from the police van and when recaptured, he told the police that he was actually trying the KiKi challenge. Shwetank, though being a criminal, is a very social media friendly criminal. He keeps himself updated about all the latest buzz and challenges on social media. As soon as he got arrested from a chai ki tapri in Mumbai, Shwetank was thinking about ways to escape the police van. Just like in all Bollywood movies, the handcuffs inside the van were pretty loose and Shwetank was able to free his body from that hold.

But it was when he jumped out of the van that some policemen took notice and arrested him again. This is when Shwetank narrated his interest in doing the KiKi challenge and wanting to excel at it. Mumbai policemen known for their generosity allowed him to make a small video of his kiki challenge and upload it on Facebook before taking him to jail.