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Dark secrets of many come out in open as hackers have a field day

24, Feb 2010 By Tantanoo

New Delhi. In an unprecedented attack, notorious email hackers group MOCODO (MOst COders are DOrks), hacked into the email accounts of millions of users across the world. While a large chunk of critical information was at stake, the hackers instead chose to to release “Secret Questions” of thousands of users on popular questions portal,

Although it appears to be a minor violation of privacy, this move by the hackers has caused widespread discontent amongst the users in various countries. Embarrassing questions and their answers were posted much to the chagrin of unsuspecting users.

Skeleton in the closet
Many experts believe that Answers to the Secret Questions hide many skeletons in the cupboard

Revathi and Ashok were happily married, until yesterday, when Ashok logged into his iBaBaBuBu profile and found Revathi’s secret question posted there. When asked, “What’s the name of your pet?”, Revathi had answered, “Ashok”. On another email address, upon being asked, “What is the middle name of your youngest child?”, Revathi  had mentioned “Salman”.

An infuriated Ashok immediately packed his bags and left their house. While talking to Faking News, an inconsolable Revathi said that she had called Ashok a ‘pet’ out of fondness and they didn’t even have any children. Unfortunately the damage had already been done.

In Melbourne, as soon as Vikram Jeet Singh walked into his classroom he could sense that something was wrong. His classmates looked at him suspiciously and some of them even made rude gestures. While he was contemplating whether this was a racist attack, his Indian friends also started laughing and jeering at him. Later in the day his bff Manjit Kaur told him that all his classmates had read Vikram’s response to the secret question – “When was the last time you had sex?”

“Seven years without sex isn’t easy, you know. #fml” – Vikram tweeted later in the day.

Similar incidents were reported at other places. Master Raju’s father discovered that his child’s favorite Cartoon character was “Savita Bhabhi”.

Christie’s mother was shocked to discover that her daughter’s favorite position was ‘69’. “I am surprised”, she told Faking News, “She always secured the first position in her class; I thought that would be her favorite position”.

Elsewhere, Manoos Desai was expelled from his political party because he had mentioned “Lucknow” as his favorite city rather than “Mumbai”.

While experts are still trying to gauge the extent of information exposed by these attacks, the leak of security questions has resulted into a social catastrophe, the worst of which is yet to be seen.

(written by a very lonely person called Tantanoo)