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Denied free dhaniya and mirchi alongwith sabzi, couple write a long Facebook post against sabziwala

23, Jul 2015 By indianpsycho

Noida. In yet another display of the power of Facebook activism, a couple from the city today accused their sabziwala of being dishonest, fraud and corrupt in a long Facebook post.

The couple had gone to purchase few vegetables from his redi and got enraged to see him deny their right to have free dhaniya and mirchi.

The couple instead of confronting him then and there, decided to write a long Facebook post, giving detailed account of the agony the suffered and how they were harassed by the evil sabziwala.

Any problem? Just log in and express it.
Any problem? Just log in and express it.

Sources close to the couple claim that they had been facing immense peer pressure from friends and colleagues, all of whom had at least penned one such Facebook post which had gone decently viral.

They were so desperate that they would pray every day that somebody dupes them or they get eve teased on their way to office.

The wife in the past had attempted to write a FB post accusing some mall authorities of not letting her take home some stuff from their mall as a part of her window shopping. The post was widely ignored with only few comments from her male colleagues like ‘So cute!’

Unable to find any solid reason to write a Facebook post that would grab eyeballs and will thus be shared, the couple came to a conclusion that being denied free dhaniya and mirchi along with sabzis worth whooping Rs 50 that they bought, was reason enough for them to let all hell break loose.

And the couple’s prediction this time turned out to be accurate as the post was shared over 200 times at the time of filing this report with comments like, ‘Kudos to you both for speaking out against the evils of sabziwalas. It was high time they are exposed.’

Experts believe there is nothing shocking in such an insignificant FB post going viral.

“FB posts and activism have become the new place to bring culprits to justice and we could soon see people accused in such FB posts to file an appeal in High courts after a judgment has been passed out to them in comments,” an expert told Faking News.