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Die-hard cricket fan feeling left out as his whole FB timeline cheers for unknown Olympic athletes

09, Aug 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Die-hard cricket fan, Navjot Kumble is feeling seriously left out during the Rio 2016 Olympics. Navjot, fondly called Veeru by his friends. Just can’t relate to anything he sees on his Facebook wall or in WhatsApp groups as everyone cheers for people he has never heard about.

Navjot thought a trained tiger will jump through these rings

Navjot has shared information about Indian tour to the West Indies several times during this time but it has got little or no reaction. Even when he shared YouTube videos or Cricinfo scorecards of some memorable matches, they were left ignored by everyone as they focused on Olympians.

A visibly shocked Navjot talked to Faking News and said, “People are cheering for someone called Abhinav Bandra? Is he really from Bandra? And do people still play hockey in this country? I thought that sports died in 1980 or something. Yesterday, someone even shared some photo of an Indian doing some acrobatics (gymnastics) in the air. Do they have sports tournaments for this “hawabaazi” stuff too now?”

Navjot sipped his coke zero can and further continued, “Yesterday I shared pics of Indian Cricket team practicing and nobody commented on that. Then I dug deep into history and shared the complete video of Australia South-Africa Match where Australia made 434 and still LOST and I did not get even one like or share on that video for 5 hours. It is sickening to see that stupid people didn’t even realize the magnanimity of supreme act of cricketing spirit that this ODI match contains. It was indeed the best ODI ever which I can never forget.” Navjot almost got emotional.

After continuously sharing 17 videos of old cricket matches on Facebook and trying to initiate 5 conversations on the Indian tour of West Indies, Navjot finally gave up and started reading about Olympics online.

“I thought let me see what these Olympics matches are all about so I started reading. I must admit I learned about several new types of games today which I did not even know actually existed. I was even more surprised to know that some unknown people from our country are even participating in these unknown games? Then I found out that they haven’t won a single medal so far. How shameful is that, we are all expecting so much and they aren’t delivering? Totally wasted nation’s money and let us down”, Navjot said.

After that, we reassured Navjot that after 12 days, his friends will stop sharing Olympic updates and his online life will be normal again.