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Disappointed with Twitter, boy goes back to adding girls on Facebook

22, Jun 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Ghaziabad. Having joined Twitter with high hopes of “following” and befriending girls, whom he could take out for coffee, Ranjan Prasad today declared that he had given up on the mission and is going back to Facebook to meet the target.

“Twitter is hopeless. Girls don’t reply or ‘follow you as friend’. Worse, they re-tweet your friendship requests and people start laughing at you,” Ranjan shared his frustration with this Faking News reporter.

Ranjan tried everything – complimenting girls on their DPs (display pictures), tagging them in Sir Jadeja jokes, and googling answers to questions like ‘why is everyone so boring today?’ and tweeting the link back to the girls – but nothing worked for him.

Twitter logo
Ranjan considers his days spent on Twitter as the darkest days of his life

The only “girls” to follow him were offering him free job alerts, links to random blogs, and asking him to click on spam links. A desperate Ranjan even tried to engage with such girls, asking their age and city in which they lived, but soon realized that they were fake.

“The real ones never followed back. In fact, I got blocked by one girl who called me a jerk; Facebook was better where many girls chat with me,” the 19-year-old rued.

“I know some of those Facebook girls could be boys in reality, but there was this girl called James Priya whom I followed on Twitter. She too turned out to be a guy!” Ranjan added, “There was another girl, hopefully a girl only, called Sonali whom I followed. Once I told her she was cute and I was immediately called a Congress agent! Twitter is beyond me!”

After following 829 profiles, 813 of them being of girls, and sending out 5664 tweets, 5598 of those being to these girls, Ranjan deactivated his Twitter account earlier today to channelize all his energies towards finding girls on Facebook.

“Facebook has removed the temporary ban on me from sending friend requests, so I’m going to make new friends now,” Ranjan declared as he signed into his social life.