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Divorced man hunts down his friends who had commented 'Made for each other' on his Facebook marriage pics

28, Jun 2015 By manithan

Mumbai: A man who recently divorced his wife was arrested by investigative agencies for serial killing spree. The murderer is said to have taken down his own friends who had commented ‘Made for each other’ on his marriage photos posted on the social networking site Facebook.

Talking about the serial killing investigation, CID officer Raman, said, “We were investigating about the death of five people aged 26 in different areas of Mumbai and Pune. When we were researching about their history, we found out that the five of them studied in the same college. We started to trace their batch mates to find out about their college rivalries, which we suspected as behind their murders. We clubbed seperate teams which were investigating those murders and formed single team which went through all of the batchmates activities in the past weeks and interrogated few suspects who were last seen with the killed friends. One such batchmate, broke down and confessed of the crime.”

Ashok killed his friends who had commented similar to the Facebook users in this sample pic
Ashok killed his friends who had commented similar to the Facebook users in this sample pic

“Not only that, the murderer Ashok had planned to kill 12 more people of both genders in the forthcoming weeks. Further grilling revealed shocking intention behind his killing. Ashok was married to his longtime lover Rashmi three years back. They married straight after graduating from college. But within few months into his marriage, bitterness crept between them and they got seperated. Just two months back, Rashmi got divorced from Ashok with a hefty maintenance amount. It was then he was going through his Facebook marriage photos before deleting them, he found few comments like ‘Made for Each other’, ‘Match made in heaven’ from his friends. His rage knew no bounds when he saw those comments,” continued another officer Shekar.

Shekar then explained the modus operandi of the serial murders. He said, “Ashok tracked down his friends who commented ‘Made for Each Other’ style comments and took them to lonely spot. He himself confessed that he showed each of them the printout of his Facebook marriage photos with comments before killing them by shooting with his father’s gun. His father, being a retired army office, has a licensed gun at home. Ashok had revealed that he had planned to shoot all of them who had commented in his marriage photos. During interrogation, Ashok asked me a shocking question ‘How can people know that a couple are made for each other even before they start their married life?’ His crime was barbaric, but his question startled me. I have planned to do special torture investigation of all of those uncles who said ‘Made for each other’ during my marriage twenty years ago.”