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Dog unfriends Man on Facebook

17, Feb 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In a severe blow to the long held belief that “A man’s best friend is a dog”, Sheru, the 7-year-old dog removed Vineet, his 27-year-old master, as a friend on Facebook.

“He sucks!” Sheru told Faking News, “Here, I keep pinging him to chat and he never replies. I write on his wall, but he never responds. I also send him invitations to play games on Facebook, but he never accepts them. In fact, he didn’t even like the photo that I had posted yesterday.”

A pensive Sheru reminiscing about what went wrong in his relationship with Vineet

“And what’s worse; that jackass is always busy doing the same to Facebook girls he has never met,” an audibly upset Sheru said, “In fact, those girls treat him worse than the way he treats me, but he stills goes on chasing them like a shameless drooling dog.”

“I have some shame and self-respect, and I had it enough!” the dark brown male Labrador explained why he took the extreme step of unfriending Vineet on Facebook.

When asked if he’d break friendship with Vineet in the real world too, Sheru said that he hadn’t yet thought about that but he might do it if things didn’t improve within a couple of weeks, or maximum a month.

“His family still loves me and takes good care of me,” Sheru showed the brand new packed of Pedigree that was brought by Vineet’s parents for Sheru at a time Sheru was unsuccessfully trying to get Vineet like his new page “Dogs rock and rule” on Facebook.

“I am here for mummy-daddy,” Sheru added, “My relationship with Vineet is more like that of a woman in a loveless marriage. I’m staying on for the sake of the family.”

“What an irresponsible jerk!” Sheru said about his bachelor owner who couldn’t be contacted for comments as he was busy checking out profiles of new girls on Facebook, whom he aimed to befriend and marry after a few clicks.