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Dumb techie's web surfing history found out by wife, forced to buy diamond ring

13, Aug 2014 By tanul

Pune. A married techie has filed a case complaining against the usage of cookies by websites all over. The move came after the techie was reportedly bashed by his wife when she found lingerie and dating services advertisements on websites while surfing the internet on his office laptop.

It is well-known that online advertisements use cookies – a script that tracks one’s past browsing preferences – and accordingly those advertisements related to searched items are displayed.

Internet Options
Many married men checked such settings for the first time on their laptops

The wife further delved into the history of browser and accessed websites visited the night before, the week before and also the month before, adding further embarrassment to the husband.

The 33-year-old despo and dumb techie had been visiting lingerie websites, dating websites, and even porn websites.

Close friends reveal that the wife was outwardly furious, but reveled inside as she knew that had mustered enough evidence to punish her erring husband for 6 months by going on a shopping spree, apart from extracting an exquisite diamond ring and necklace on her upcoming birthday.

This caused the techie, whose identity is being kept private unlike his browser settings, to sue the websites using such cookies, claiming damages equal to the shopping bill.

The incident has sent ripples across the IT industry as all married men were seen sending ‘3 steps to delete cookies‘ and ‘InPrivate Browsing Window Benefits‘ messages to each other on WhtsApp.

The incident has raised many eyebrows as the techie is an IIT-B alumni. The HRD ministry has categorically condemned the illiteracy of the techie in this regard. However, the wife is has received offers to participate in ‘Satyamev Jayate‘ and ‘Bigg Boss‘.

The incident also attracted social media attention with Twitter making porn jokes and Facebook making new pages. Two pages are trending hot amongst IT couples namely SniffHisLaptopAndSmartphone and SaveYourArse, for wives and husbands respectively.

Meanwhile the Senior Management at the company where the techie worked  is happy with the development.

“The folks are turning more geeky and are more often at their desks these days,” CEO of Trata Pseudo-Government Services told Faking News, “Apart from increase in productivity, we expect a major drop in Work-from-Home requests too.”