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Earliest facebook users oppose immigration of orkut users

04, Feb 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. A group of facebook users from India, who have been using facebook since it was made public in September 2006, have expressed deep concern over the increased immigration of orkut users into the network in recent times. These users have formed an organization called F4 (Facebook For First Facebookers) and have threatened to hack those users (their accounts), who have migrated from orkut and were distorting the image of facebook.

“Facebook used to be so intellectual and serene before these orkuteers started infesting the site. We used to interact peacefully and meaningfully with our friends and like minded people in those days. Now these guys have made fake profiles and post obscene and spam comments on each community and page. They have spoiled the fun and have sullen the environment. They need to be educated and taught a lesson.” Balraj Thoku, F4 chairman said.

Although F4 couldn’t provide any data to back their claim, the activists have decided to take the matter into their own hand. F4 has appealed to the First Facebookers to poke the orkut immigrants on regular basis and throw sheep at them (an activity F4 activists nostalgically recall and blame the orkuteers for disrespecting such local and original facebook customs), apart from randomly writing chirkut on their walls.

Facebook and Orkut users seem to be on collision course as the controversy gains fire
Facebook and Orkut users seem to be on collision course as the controversy gains fire

Balraj Thoku has also written a few notes ‘exposing’ the uncultured ways of orkut immigrants, and has appealed the First Facebookers to tag all the orkut immigrants in these notes.

“Let me tell you that we are not indulging in anything illegal. We are using features and means that are officially permitted by the facebook administrators to register our protest, and our intention is to tell the truth.” said Balraj Thoku, who then went on to issue a mild warning, “But if such peaceful means are ignored by the shameless orkuteers and they keep on coming into the facebook network, I would not be responsible if some F4 activists start hacking their accounts tomorrow.”

Although most of the facebook users have expressed amusement and disbelief over such appeals and actions, a few of them agreed that orkut-turned-facebook users were rash and reckless in their behavior.

“Only yesterday I received a fraand request and a grammatically challenged fraandship message in my inbox, you know, those kinds that were so regular on orkut scrapbooks. I seriously suspect it was some orkuteer who had recently joined facebook.” Jaya Chavan, a 45-year-old lady who had Emma Watson as her profile picture on facebook, revealed.

F4 rejected the criticism that there was any attempt to defame or demoralize the orkuteers. F4 activists also challenged the orkut administrators to redesign orkut in a way that stops the migration to facebook. “Why should our facebook suffer due to bad management and creativity of the orkut team?” asked an F4 activist. “But all they can do is copy stuff from facebook, losers!” pat came the rejoinder from another activist.

On the other hand, Orkuteers have taken strong objection to such statements and have asked F4 to behave and wake up to the reality.

“Orkuteers are multi-talented and are expert at multitasking. We take part in community discussions, scrap to other users, check out new pictures and videos added by friends, become fans of new friends, and rate them as trusty, cool and sexy; and yet we have time to check out facebook activities too, which are rather boring I must say! F4 guys are simply jealous of our skills and are trying to cover up their laziness and dullness by blaming us.” NiTisH $!n6H ~ m/ said.

Facebook and Orkut administrators have refused to comment over the controversy, but our sources inform that they were seen smiling and congratulating each other.