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Engineering student demands Pornhub in FreeBasics before supporting Facebook campaign

28, Dec 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: In yet another challenge to Facebook promoted FreeBasics, a student of Lala Makkhan Lal institute of technology, Chandan Kumar has put a very stringent condition for supporting Freebasics. Chandan has demanded that his favorite website pornhub should be included in the list of FreeBasics. freebasics_facebook_thumb

The debate around FreeBasics has divided the nation and Facebook is running a campaign requesting people to support it.

Chatting with media persons via an internet chat forum Chandan said – “Watching pornography is the fundamental right of every student. We can go without food for days but porn, chai and sutta are our daily needs. When I heard about FreeBasics, I was very excited thinking that finally basic internet websites will be free but was disappointed to see that no porn website is in the list.”

“Internet is our only source of porn these days as CDs are not readily available and if they are available, they come with a virus. Even magazines are useless now with Playboy publishing articles instead of nude images. Did they hire Alok Nath as an editor?” asked Chandan.

When we asked Chandan whether he should be watching so much porn instead of studying, Chandan replied, “Oh please. Don’t you know about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? First my basic needs should be met before I move on to other things and as I mentioned before, Porn is our basic requirement.”

Meanwhile, many other college students have extended support to Chandan Kumar and a petition on change dot org asking Facebook to add Pornhub to free basics has already gathered 35,000 signatures.

As per sources, Facebook is seriously considering this request as they look to get the support of a very vocal group on Indian internet, engineering students.

Facebook has even written back to Chandan saying the idea is under consideration and couriered him a CD of Hate Story 3, asking him to watch that till they take a decision.