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People accepting Black and White photo challenge on FB to be given bravery awards on Independence Day

02, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Brave people of Facebook, who have been accepting the challenge of posting their Black and White photographs on their FB walls are in for a big treat. Their bravery in accepting this challenge has been recognized by none other than the Government of India. All these bravehearts will get their bravery medals during the Independence Day celebrations this 15th August.

Black and White Photo Challenge, Can you take it??

Though the origins of this chutiyaapa challenge remain unknown, it is becoming increasingly popular on Facebook these days. You upload your Black and White photograph and then challenge one of your friends to do the same. Thus, the chutiyaap challenge is carried forward.

“As the government of India, it is our duty to recognize the extraordinary Indians among us and reward them suitably. It takes incredible strength of character, bravery and courage to upload a Black and White photo. Then these people are ensuring that the chain doesn’t end with them and even sending their friends to face this seemingly insurmountable challenge. As a nation, we must salute these bravehearts and Independence Day is the ideal day to recognize their bravery”, a senior official working in PMO said.

“Thanks to a member of our staff that these incidents of bravery came to our notice. He was tagged by one of his friends to accept this challenge. After spending a week trying to figure out the challenging part in this challenge, he came to us and described the challenge. We only had to hear it once to realize that this is the most challenging thing every devised and anyone accepting this challenge is a hero. We immediately informed the Prime Minister about it and he told us that he personally wants to meet these people. We spoke to Facebook and they have provided us a list of people who have accepted this challenge. Each one will be rewarded on our Independence Day”, the official added.

When asked whether they will recognize the bravery of people accepting the challenge of uploading a photo with their spouse, the official said,”Bhai we don’t recognize stuff related to marriage. Marriage is not bravery, it is stupidity.”