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Facebook blocks thousands of users named “Digvijay Singh”

12, Mar 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After disabling the accounts of many users with surname “Chutia” who were perfectly normal persons from Assam, Facebook has gone a step ahead in controlling offensive material online and has deactivated accounts of thousands of users named “Digvijay Singh”.

Facebook has erroneously put “Digvijay Singh” in the same category as “Chutia” or “Chutiya”, and banned it for being an offensive term.

A group of real persons named Digvijay Singh has now come forward and taken up this issue with Facebook.

“This is more absurd that what Kapil Sibal was asking them to do!” claimed 27-year-old Jaipur resident Digvijay Singh, a normal person, though subjected to regular taunts from the society due to his name.

Digvijay Singh
Digvijay Singh has not yet reacted but RSS is expected to be blamed

Digvijay Singh, the Jaipur resident, claimed that he received an email earlier this morning informing him about his Facebook account being deactivated. When he contacted the support team in the USA, he was told that his name violated the policies of Facebook and was “offensive”.

“Funnily, when I changed my display name to Dogvijay Singh, they allowed it!” Digvijay Singh, Jaipur waale, blasted the policies of Facebook and threatened to complain about the same to Kapil Sibal.

Many other Digvijay Singhs, who were stripped off their Facebooking rights on such a flimsy ground, had similar stories to tell.

“Not that Facebook experience was very delightful for us earlier, but this is complete nonsense, like Digvijay Singh’s (Congress leader) comments,” 21-year-old Digvijay Singh from Chandigarh said.

The Chandigarh resident Digvijay Singh further told Faking News how he was unnecessarily abused on Facebook, thanks to his name and silly Facebook features.

“My non-Punjabi friends would write censored abusive comments about politician Digvijay Singh and Facebook would automatically tag me as they would end their abuses with ‘@’ for example; yeh $%#!@Digvijay Singh ne phir kuchh bola kya?” the normal Digvijay Singh recalled his Facebook experience.

When contacted, Facebook team confirmed that their algorithm had banned a few words like “Chutia” and “Digvijay Singh” as they were recognized as Hindi cuss words.

“Frankly we don’t know what Chutiya or Digvijay Singh means, but these words were always mentioned together by our Indian users,” a Facebook support staff explained, “There were other words too that appeared alongside such words, and some of our Indian employees identified them as abusive and offensive words, so we blocked them.”

The original Digvijay Singh, the politician, who had earlier sued Facebook, has not reacted to the development because his own account has not been disabled, as he spells his name as “Digvijaya Singh”.

“He might have changed the spelling of his name to get better luck. Well, he lost the elections but his Facebook account is safe! So it works!” Tusshar Kapoor and Suniel Shetty said.