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Facebook develops new app which auto-generates 'Stop sending Candy Crush request' statuses

09, Aug 2014 By Pavan

Hyderabad. Social Networking giant Facebook has announced that they have developed a new app that will auto-generate “Stop sending me Candy Crush requests! I don’t play it!!” status updates, which will be posted on the wall of the user who has received the game request.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Mark Zuckerberg said, “This comes as an innovative step during the time when statuses of million users are flooded with the infuriating abuses related to Candy Crush Saga, and we are hopeful that this app will come as a relief to those who have run out of new abuses to post regarding the game.”

No more Delicious Stuff
No more Delicious Stuff

“Yes, an easier option is to block the game and stop all requests and notifications, but why do something when there is an app for that?” Zuck added.

The app is expected to bring relief to sensible people who login into Facebook not to play any games, but to change their profile pictures or copy statuses by searching in Google and Twitter.

However, this new app has left many Candy Crush addicts in a lurch as they are finding it tough to find other ways to get a life in the game. Khiladi Crusher Kumar, who is a die-hard addict of the game, was found sobbing in front of his laptop.

When Faking news contacted Kumar, he said, “I was really scaling new heights (he means levels in the game) everyday and my acchhe din were almost nearing in the game when I lost all my lives. That’s when I started sending requests to my friends to give me a life.”

“This morning I saw new notifications and I thought I have got new life, but it was a status update by my friend where I was tagged. It read ‘Khiladi Crusher Kumar Stop sending me Candy Crush Requests! I don’t play it!!’. It was really disappointing to see my name being crushed in such a way, and that is when I realized that I don’t have life in both social circle and gaming circle,” he rued.

In the meantime, sources tell Faking News that Google is planning to capitalize on this opportunity. They are reportedly planning to re-launch Orkut where users can get unlimited lives while playing Candy Crush Saga.