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Facebook India to delete substandard "Photography Pages" of wannabe DSLR photographers

19, Oct 2014 By Akash

Hyderabad. Obscenity and hurting sentiments are not the only reason to block some content on Facebook. Now in India, annoying low standard photography pages are also added in the list of reasons that leads to blocking on Facebook.

Krithiga Reddy, CEO Facebook India, has announced this officially yesterday. She attributed increased complaints against such pages from Indian users and real photographers. She said that such complaints have increased exponentially from past six months and this has led them to take such a decision. She also said that such pages are only prevailing in India as of now. So this policy of Facebook is not worldwide.

How wannabe photographers in India had started looking at Facebook.
How wannabe photographers in India had started looking at Facebook.

Normal users who were tired of “Page Liking Request” and photos of poor people, dogs, kids, and many other pretentious stuff originating from such pages are very happy and welcomed this decision. Also, owners of famous and quality photography pages were elated about it as such pages were affecting their fan following.

“Many users had stopped visiting pages of good photographers assuming them also as wannabes,” said one such professional photographer heaving a sigh of relief.

Rohit, a normal Facebook user told Faking News, “It’s a great decision by Facebook India, they have finally taken cognizance of our frustrations and acted on time. Otherwise it had become very hard for us to criticize these pages of our friends, on their face, who buy new DSLRs, create their pages and send us request to like them. Now, I will not have any compulsion to like those pages and their pictures.”

But users like Gaurav, owner of “Gaurav Photography”, are extremely upset and shocked at this decision. Same is the case with the owners of pages like “Khanna- The Ace Photographer”, “Sam Photography” and many more who have spent thousands on DSLRs to show off on Facebook. Many of these had left their full time jobs to create such pages.

Speaking to Faking News Sam, who recently brought his DSLR, said, “This is against the original idea of Facebook. They speak of their free access and independence. Where are those ideas now, are they gone!?” he shouted and continued, “We don’t post any obscene and hurting stuff. We just click whatever comes around and post it on our page. What is their problem I don’t get it! Even some of my friends also appreciate my talent. They never criticize it. Inspired by me, some of them were even planning to buy a DSLR and create such pages and Facebook says that we are wannabes. I don’t get it at all.”