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Facebook Timeline to be renamed as Facebook Timepass

13, Jan 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

California, USA. Keeping with their philosophy of introducing new changes just when people have adjusted to the latest changes, Facebook has announced that the Facebook Timeline, which was earlier known as the Facebook Wall, will now be known as the Facebook Timepass.

Mark Zuckerberg
An urban legend says that Zuckerberg claps each time you ‘like’ something on Facebook

“The first set of Timepasses would be rolled out next week exclusively for our resident Indian users,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced.

“Our product development team concluded that calling it Timepass was the best description of the activities a bulk of Indian users undertook on Facebook,” Zuckerberg explained, “Not only there would be a change in name, new features will be introduced that would help our users experience better and ultimate timepass.”

Facebook sources say that while the visual appearance of the current Timeline may not change much, there would be new features such as a random picture from the user’s album popping up, asking the friend visiting the Timeline to ‘like’ it.

“People would also be able to type stuff like ROFL, cool, or a full sentence like ‘wassup dude? Long time no see!’ in a single click on the Facebook Timepass of their friends,” a source hinted about the things to come.

Facebook Timepass
If you try to log out or leave the profile page of your friend, especially a girl, Facebook will come up with such pop-up messages, making sure timepass never comes to an end.

Zuckerberg clarified that the renaming of the Timeline and new features would subsequently be introduced worldwide.

“India has been chosen as the first country so that rest of the world is shown the way timepass is done,” he said, “I have been told that everything in India is basically a timepass, including the government.”

“Am I mistaken?” Zuckerberg asked Faking News, which was replied with a “no comments” by this correspondent.

Back in India, most of the Facebook users and all of the Twitter users have welcomed the move. But the happiest with the move was the Government of India.

“No, no, we are not happy with Zuckerberg calling us a timepass,” said Kapil Sibal, the government representative on anything digital, “But it’s good that Facebook activities are being termed as timepass. Our sources had informed that the latest Delhi protests were planned and organized by Facebook users.”

“No one will take such protests seriously once Facebook officially calls it a timepass,” a visibly happy Sibal explained why the government was finally happy with Facebook.

“Next, they should rename Twitter as Fritter,” he demanded.