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Facebook to allow users to 'like' a 'like' so that they don't have to type 'thank you'

24, Jun 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Palo Alto: Well-known social networking website Facebook has come up with a new feature that will manifest the user’s elation when someone whom the user admires or idolizes or has a crush upon, likes his comment or status update. We are talking about like against a like. Facebook users will now be able to ‘Like’ a ‘Like’ with literally no limit to the follow-up likes.

A lot of reactions poured in to Faking News’ mailbox with a wide variety of users expressing their happiness about the new feature. Here is a compilation of the reactions we received.

A train of Facebook likes

I always wanted a medium to express instant gratitude to my boss for all his likes against my comments. Liking a Like is exactly the kind of feature I was looking for. I’m glad I’ll now be able to appreciate that my boss appreciates me appreciating him. No one understands employees’ feelings like Facebook does

– Satish Kumar, a 25-year old IT employee

“I always wanted to let my secret crush know that I liked her love for my witty status messages. Liking her like can potentially make me her full-time future boyfriend. Kudos to Facebook”

– Rohan Mehta, a 19-year old student

I’m a FirstName-LastName-Photography page owner on Facebook and I upload at-least 20 pictures every day from my daily observations. My friends like my pictures and I usually thank everyone for their likes by messaging them separately which is a cumbersome, thankless job. With this new feature, I can instantly express my gratitude for the likes showered onto my photographs.

– FirstName LastName Photography page owner

I’m a member of 20 political discussion groups and give my expert comments on many posts. A lot of members like my comments and give their views but I never bothered to thank them. With this new feature, I’ll be able to like their like and at the same time, it eliminates my need to understand their point of view for courtesy purposes. Thank you Facebook.”

– Social Media and Politics Enthusiast

While a section of society seems to be quite satisfied with this feature, critics have slammed the feature saying infinite ‘Like’ series is going to be harmful for the ‘Like’ receivers’ ego in the long run.