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Facebook to offer “joint account“ facility for Indian users

19, Jul 2014 By nitingpt09

Hyderabad. Facebook is going to introduce joint account facility for its Indian users. Apparently, joint accounts are very successful among Indians, as it gives them a sense of “being a family”.

“Since Facebook has always been about making lives of the users more and more social, we have decided to launch this functionality. Now couples, who have two different Facebook accounts, can integrate their accounts into one single joint account. The joint account will have friends from both the accounts in the friend-list. Also the joint account could be isolated into two accounts if needed, such as when there is a change in relationship status of the couple, Facebook India head told this exclusively to Faking news.

facebook couples
Relationship tester?

Users will have the option to choose if the joint account will be operated by only one credential or two. If a couple is sure that they are made for each other, they can opt for single credential. But if they are not sure, Facebook would suggest them to operate the same joint account through two separate credentials. This would help them live a “normal life” with their individual Facebook accounts once they break-up.

The joint account feature would be very useful in arranged marriages. Since in India, society doesn’t allow living-in before marriage, couples sometimes find it difficult to decide whether they are compatible or not. Now all this would change.

Prospective couples can now check their compatibility through Facebook. If they can operate an Facebook account together, surely they can spend their lives together.

“Also we have seen that new-borns and infants have Facebook accounts. Since they have not started going to school yet, it might be difficult for them to operate a Facebook account. So, we will make it mandatory for children below 5 years of age to have a joint account only. After their 5th b’day, they will have an option to operate the account individually. This will also help modern parents to better connect with their children,” Facebook head told Faking News.

Around 20 years back, parents used to teach their children how to walk, drive cycles etc. but modern parents don’t have the luxury of time anymore. So this way, they could still feel they are doing something for their children,” Facebook head added further.

We asked a couple, Paagal Premi and Crazy Hasina, to find out what they felt about this.

Paagal Premi seemed very excited about sharing his life FB account with his girlfriend. He also quoted, “We might have two bodies but we have one soul, why should we have 2 accounts.”

While Crazy Hasina seemed a little uncomfortable. She said, “Having physical intimacy is fine but I am not sure if I am ready for this.” Though she was a little relieved when Paagal Premi explained her how she could now get even more likes and comments on her posts.