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Facebook to send professional photographers to cover weddings of users

05, Jun 2014 By trolldevi

Hyderabad. In a major step aimed at winning Indian users, Facebook has launched a special service for its users to reduce the burden of taking and updating their wedding photographs on the social networking website.

Sources tell Faking News that Facebook decided to launch a service after it’s research department concluded that many users, especially from India, were using Facebook primarily to share pictures related to their personal lives. Wedding photos were found to be the most active and frequent activity.

wedding hands
Just concentrate on getting married, for everything else, Facebook is there.

Kalyan Kumar, who works for Facebook India, came up with this idea. The manager of Hyderabad office had forwarded this project to Mark Zuckerberg last year. As Mark was busy uploading his own wedding pictures at that time, he approved this project immediately, making Kalyan the project head.

Kalyan has 6 years of ultimate experience in uploading pictures of every wedding he attends. Not only that, he is also the most blocked person in his friend circle. All these qualifications were considered thoroughly before making him head of “Project Wedbook”.

Kalyan recently shared the details of this project on his Facebook page. According to that, the Project Wedbook includes the following services:

1. Facebook will send world’s best photographers, equipped with the latest DSLR cameras and lighting equipment, to your wedding after you create a Facebook event at least one month in advance.

2. Each and every picture taken at the wedding will be uploaded on groom’s and bride’s profiles within seconds, tagging every possible person in friend’s list.

3. For an extra fee, Facebook will send top Indian film directors to direct the expressions of bride and groom in a cinematic ways so that “made for each other” and “awwww” level pictures are secured.

4. Special software will be used to enhance selected pictures and videos, making the groom dance better than Hrithik and bride look prettier than Aishwarya during sangeet. On special request, videos of sangeet can be taken using special effects like dinosaurs, dragons, and unicorns in background, dancing on Bollywood numbers (Even if you’re from South India, you need to dance only on Bollywood tracks).

5. If the groom is a limited edition (IIT+IIM) type, a special package will be offered to him by Facebook, making that particular wedding album the only thing everyone sees in his or her news feed for at least a week, so that all the single friends can die peacefully with jealously.

6. Under this service, a special Facebook page dedicated to the couple will also be created, which will be by default ‘liked’ by all the friends. This will make sure that friends don’t miss being bombarded with further pictures related to the marriage such as honeymoon pics, first house pics, first car pics, and first baby pics.

Note:  Charges will be collected from bride’s father at any cost if the groom’s family refuses to pay.

Meanwhile, to counter Facebook’s move, Twitter is mulling over starting a project of sending celebrities to the weddings of its users. If they don’t agree, Twitter will remove their verified accounts and unleash trolls in their mentions.