Family of 6 have created 50 different Whatsapp groups to discuss specific problems they face

23, Aug 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Gone are the days when Indian families sat at the breakfast table to discuss on anything without any specific agenda. Modern ‘Social media’ families believe in discussing the challenges they face through specific WhatsApp groups. No wonder WhatsApp claims users have spent 85 billion hours on its platform in last three months.

One such family is Rajeev Gowda’s family which has contributed massively to these billion hours of usage. A family of six has more than fifty plus active groups among themselves.

“I cannot remember when was the last time we had dinner or breakfast together? For that matter I cannot recollect when was the last time I saw my younger Sunny or daughter Neeta without earphones plugged in to their ears,” said Rajeev Gowda.

Mr. Gowda added, “In that state, how can my voice reach them. Yesterday I needed a towel when I was inside bathroom. Unlike shouting like an uncivilized person, I posted the request in three WhatsApp family group, then Ramu, our servant came over to handover the towel. Thanks to WhatsApp life is cool for all of us.”

Though Rajeev is the head of the family, Sunny is in-charge of social media department of the family. Sunny always encourages family members to create new groups with relevant people.

“Say for Rakhee related discussion like what should be length of the thread, what color Rakhee will look good in Instagram, what’s the latest fashion, me and Neeta have created a specific group to discuss this. For sweets Neeta is planning to buy from market, she has kept Ramu in another group”, said Sunny why they have created so many groups.

Sunny’s dadi the most inactive user of the social media platform has one last wish before she leaves this digital world. She wants to see everyone together on the dinner table for which Sunny has tentatively planned a date in the fall of 2019.