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Father names son “Facebook” after he fails in annual exam

25, Feb 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Noida. Just days after an Egyptian father named his daughter “Facebook” to acknowledge the social networking website’s vital role in overthrowing the dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak, a man in India has done the same to his teenaged son to acknowledge the website’s crucial contribution in spoiling the academic performance of his son.

Rachit, 13, now renamed “Facebook”, scored below 40% marks in each subject in his 9th grade final exams, after which his father decided to change his name to pay a tribute to the website that he considered responsible for his son’s scholastic downfall.

“He had been sitting glued and logged into his Facebook account all these months,” Pramod Uppal, father of “Facebook” said, “Even though he had ‘liked’ the Mathematics page on Facebook, he had no idea what was Pythagoras’ Theorem!”

Report card of “Facebook”

Mr. Uppal, who is also on Facebook and friends with his son, claims that his son used to spend at least eight hours daily on the social networking site and had a network of 1427 friends, mostly girls, whose every status update he used to like and comment upon.

“Duffer didn’t use to study at all!” the angry father complained. Mr. Uppal decided to change the name of his son once he saw his son ‘liking’ a page titled “I wrote all correct answers in exam but the teacher was IDIOT. Lulz!!” the evening results were announced.

Pramod Uppal took Rachit to the nearest notary public office the next morning and undertook an affidavit to change his son’s name. Within hours, Rachit was “Facebook”.

“I want all his friends and every other student in this country to learn a lesson from his deeds,” Mr. Uppal explained and defended his actions, “I have not done anything illegal as my son was still a minor when I got his name changed, and parents have all the rights to name their wards as they wish.”

“Facebook”, formerly Rachit, was actually happy with his new name until he realized that his full name on the affidavit was “Facebook Uppal”, which not only sounded horribly absurd but was prone to be shortened to FU by his friends.