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New Facebook virus morphs user’s face on Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture poster

17, Nov 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Bangalore. Many Facebook users were shocked to see their faces morphed on to the poster of the upcoming movie The Dirty Picture as a result of a new virus that seems to attack Indian users of the social networking website. The victims, mostly males aged between 18 and 35 years, were embarrassed no end when they saw themselves being kissed by Tusshar Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi.

“Man, my life is ruined now,” Kamalesh (name changed) shared his harrowing experience with Faking News, “I saw a link that said – EXPOSED AND CENSORED! Vidya Balan naked on the sets of The Dirty Picture – and I clicked it out of excitement. And all I see next is a picture of mine being liked by all my friends. That ugly Emraan was kissing me! Yuck!”

The Dirty Picture with Digvijay Singh
A picture uploaded by virus on the Facebook wall of a user who had Digvijay Singh’s photo as his profile picture.

Many young men desirous of seeing Vidya in nude fell for this trap as the virus spread like Emraan Hashmi’s kiss. Facebook walls of users were flooded with pictures of their friends being kissed or caressed by Tusshar Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi, and Naseeruddin Shah.

“Being kissed by Naseer is ugly too but one can bear the shock,” Ravish (name changed again on request) told Faking News, “I can claim that it was a grandfatherly peck. But man, this is so traumatizing to see your stomach being touched by Tusshar or Emraan looking at you with lust.”

“Sick people!” Ravish said, referring either to the people who coded the virus or the actor duo.

It’s not yet clear if the virus was specifically designed to target the male users only as no confirmed report of a girl being affected by the virus was received. Internet security experts were divided on the issue.

“It’s easy to make such a virus that targets only the male users because profile data of Facebook makes the gender of the user public,” Krishnan, working with Symantec said. However, Krishnan agreed that perhaps the virus designers didn’t need to incorporate such a feature as the chances of a girl clicking on a link, which promises to show Vidya Balan nude, was very low.

After the massive attack, which is second of its kind in as many days, Facebook has issued a statement asking people to get the hell out of the website if they can’t differentiate between a spam and a genuine link.

“Morons! Just f@#K off!” an official statement by the leading social networking site said.