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Five ways to stop yourself from imagining that the only girl who liked your Facebook status is madly in love with you

05, Dec 2014 By idiot420

To help young boys across the country who often believe that the only girl who liked their Facebook status updates is madly in love with them, Faking News brings five ways to stop oneself from walking down the same path:

It’s a simple act of clicking. Nothing else.

1. The first and most important fact – there is a huge difference between the act of liking of a girl’s status update by a boy and the act of liking of a boy’s status update by a girl. Although they look same, they aren’t. When a girl is liking a boy’s status update, she is telling the boy, “Jao aish karo.” It’s her way of doing charity work, she is being generous. And when a boy is liking a girl’s update, he is telling the girl, “This is all I have, but I am giving it to you, because I think I am in love with you. Anything for you darling.”

So, being a boy, it’s highly probable that you will think from a boy’s point of view, even while analyzing the girl’s like. Please stop doing that.

2. If there is only one girl who has liked your status update, avoid opening the box which shows name and DP of all those who liked it. When you look at the only pretty face, amidst faces of your other friends who have liked your update, your feelings for her are bound to increase. You will feel that out of all the 7 girls in your friend-list of 300, she is the only one who understands your feelings. This will drive your crazy and take you down the dark alley of one sided love.

But in reality, things are different. Why? Because of point number one.

3. Think of the effort it takes to like a status update, just a click and a fraction of second. Keeping aside the little effort of reading your update, it’s almost zero use of brain. But you used your brain to think the update, or maybe to copy the update, and all she has to give to you is a simple like. Commenting requires a bit more effort, even if it’s a “Wow”, “Awww”, or “Pakau“. Yes, even a negative comment like “Pakau” is more hopeful than just a like. In fact, “Pakau” comment is your best hope. Pyaar ki shuruat takrar se hoti hai. But just a like is nothing, maybe she is not that much into you. Otherwise she would have acknowledged your effort by making an equal effort.

4. Or maybe she is playing psychological games on you and entertaining herself. There are many out there, who do such things. Chances are that she is Rajat Kapoor from the movie “Bheja Fry” and you are Vinay Pathak. Think of her as someone who is controlling your emotions by a click of mouse.

5. Finally, reality check. Is her like really that rare and valuable? Try to analyze her social media activity and find out how she spends her likes. Is she extravagant and spends her like even on silly things like snake with five heads? Then the like on your status update is worthless. She is not in love with you.