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Frustrated with slow website, angry man smashes IRCTC servers

21, Feb 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. An angry young man has broken into Indian Railways’ office and smashed the servers that hosted IRCTC’s online ticket booking website. The incident happened around 10.10 AM today morning, minutes after Tatkal window was opened.

“People trying to book tickets this morning couldn’t feel any difference as the website is usually unavailable during that time,” an IRCTC source told Faking News, “However, this time the server crashed due to a heavy hammer, not due to heavy traffic.”

Broken Computer
One of the smashed sarkaari computers

The angry man couldn’t be arrested as he terrorized the IRCTC officials to the core. The officials and employees just couldn’t summon any courage to call police or confront him. They felt as helpless as a common user trying to book Tatkal tickets at 10 AM.

“He walked in pretty silently, showing his IRCTC password printed on a paper to everyone after every step he took,” a terrified eye-witness recalled, “He quietly went to the server room, where he suddenly took out a hammer and started banging the servers.”

After smashing the servers, the unidentified man even marched menacingly towards the IRCTC employees with the hammer, but didn’t hit anyone.

“I guess his smashing session expired by that time,” an IRCTC software engineer guessed why the man didn’t kill anyone though he appeared in a deadly mood.

The angry man then walked out of the office, even as the IRCTC employees – too shocked to take any action as normal consumers are when their credit card is charged without the ticket getting booked – silently witnessed everything.

“After he went away, we were as relieved as someone who successfully books a Tatkal ticket through our website,” an employee confirmed.

Sources say that the angry man has promised to be back unless the IRCTC website improves.

“While walking out, he had said – I’ll be back!” an IRCTC source revealed.