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Girl calls ambulance for herself after taking the result of "When Will You Die" seriously on Facebook

08, Aug 2015 By kumudsingh

Ahmedabad. In a fresh news, a college student, addicted to Facebook is reported to have update dher FB status as “Checked in to Heaven”. This is the first check in of its kind and hence no one was in the recent visitors list.

Ms. Rajlaxmi, who was the first reporter to notice this, went right to the spot to share the news with us. Madhu Sethi is a student who likes to share most of her daily updates with her friends on FB as not many are physically available, in lines with Digital India.

The game she played on FB
The game she played on FB

Ms.Raj visited the FB public profile of Madhu and noticed that there were close to 20 updates in a day which included check in’s and apps played. Few of her friends said that they blocked her only because she sent lot of invites to play games on FB to them.

In the games she played were a lot of varieties including how strong is your mental power, which character of Mahabharata resembles you, your Wikipedia and many more. Ms.Raj checked that the last status update of Madhu was at 12:05 am this morning and it was “When will you die”! The results of the game was not shared on her publicly visible profile.

Ms.Raj talked with the doctors and they said that Madhu came in a self-called ambulance to the hospital in a very agitated state. She was sweating profusely and had high blood pressure. They conducted close to 50 scans and tests to confirm her situation which so far seems pretty normal.

On meticulous investigation it was found that Madhu took the results of the app she played on FB more than they ought to be! The last game “When will you die” showed the results like “Immediately”. She panicked and caused lot of turbulence in the society she lived in and ultimately reached the Emergency care of hospital. However, on the way she made sure to update her status on FB to keep her friends informed.

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerberg flew down straight from USA to the hospital to understand as to how one could possibly check in from Heavens! Mark said he would check if people of India would like this option and he would conditionally introduce it.