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Girl dumps South Indian boyfriend after reading "13 reasons why it's awesome to date a Punjabi boy"

21, May 2015 By mockinator

Bangalore. The impact of  list article websites is beginning to have a major effect on the daily lives of the masses. One such instance came to light in India’s IT capital when Meenakshi Natarajan, a 23 year old HR Professional, dumped her boyfriend of 4 years after coming across an article “13 Reasons why its awesome to date a Punjabi boy” on the popular website PoopWhoop.

When asked the reason for taking such a drastic step Natarajan replied, “When I saw the title of the article I was a bit skeptical. However, my interest peaked on reading the first two reasons. By the time I read reason 8 and 9, I was convinced that I should hook up with a Punjabi guy. And after reading number 12 and 13 I called up my boyfriend and broke up with him.”

Another set of listicles that is impacting foodies.
Another set of listicles that is impacting foodies.

Faking News managed to track the boyfriend, Akshay Ramesh, a Data Analyst, who was found reading “9 ways to overcome your post breakup blues” on a similar website.

“This was very unexpected. Our relationship was going great. I had just finished reading ‘10 signs that you are dating a woman and not a girl’ and after carefully analyzing each point had come to the conclusion that she was a woman, and then the breakup happened,” said a visibly depressed Ramesh.

However, his depression was short lived as he came across “7 reasons Bengali girls make the best girlfriends” just a few moments later.

Meanwhile, Natarajan has already begun her hunt for a new Punjabi boyfriend and started planning for their future. “I’ve already read 15 ways to lose weight in 30 days, 17 cheap items you can gift your boyfriend and 11 must visit places to go on a date in Bangalore,” said a very excited Natarajan.

Faking News tried to contact members of the editorial staff of PoopWhoop for their reaction to the incident. However they were too busy copying YouTube links and blog posts and were not available for comment.