Girl sleeping all day calls herself insomniac for being awake at night

21, Dec 2017 By itsmihir1993

A Delhi girl, Priya, in an attempt to sound cool on social media, has vowed to keep herself awake every night and update her Facebook wall, suggesting her friends that she cannot sleep at night.

By repeatedly calling herself an ‘insomniac’ in several Facebook posts and comments, she hinted that she finds it difficult to sleep at night. Further investigations into the matter revealed that although Priya keeps awake all night, she sleeps all day, which doesn’t amount to insomnia.

Priya’s parents took her to a psychologist, Dr. Singh, to identify the cause of her sleeplessness at night. Dr. Singh, after examining her, concluded that her condition is serious as she is not suffering from insomnia but Attention-seeking Disorder.

In a research conducted earlier this year, it was found that people who call themselves “insomniac” on social media are attention-seekers of the highest level, followed by those who call themselves “ugly” and repeatedly state that they are single. Dr. Singh, in her report, has also warned that Priya has reached the last stage of attention-seeking.

Our reporters visited Priya’s home during the day and spotted her sleeping. Her parents, explaining how she’s crazy for ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on Facebook, said, “Priya thrives on air, water, food and attention. She only wakes up after remaining members of the family sleep. After waking up at night, she logs in to Facebook and updates statuses like ‘OMG I just can’t sleep’, ‘Sleep is for the weak’, ‘Error 404, sleep not found’, etc.”

We visited Priya again during the night to see her in action. She was texting people in her friends list, explaining them how she can’t sleep at night. After speaking to us and explaining her condition, she cribbed, “I wasted my five minutes talking to you. Many of my friends must have thought that I took a nap as I was inactive during those five minutes. Now, I’ll have to text them to tell that my Internet was down— just to reinstate their faith in my insomnia.”